Find the Right Caregiver for you at the comfort of your home

Ensancare is an electronic platform/mobile application that enables individual and family to get access for medical care providers at the comfort of their homes.

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All Health Care Services You Need in One Place

Physical Therapy

We offer a variety of Physical Therapist who examines each patient and develop a treatment plan to move reduce and manage pain, prevent disability or restore function.

Doctor Visit

Our Doctors has been verified through a committee of fine and certified doctors to get to provide the best services to you and your loved ones.


Nurses visit is designed to provide the best home services at optimum quality, hygiene and standard procedures and Protocols.

Elderly Care

Providing at home care services for your family.

Baby Sitting

A comprehensive normal newborn care services including feeding, bathing, normal infant growth and development assessment, hygiene care, etc.

Newborn Care

Providing care to premature babies including vital signs/neuro-vital signs monitoring, feeding (syringe, bottle, tube), medication administration, IV fluids therapy, blood glucose monitoring, and other procedures as advised by the doctor.

Simple App Made For Everyone

Download Ensancare application and be part of the future of Homecare
You can download app for both users and caregivers on IOS and Android

Join our Caregivers

You can apply for being a service provider for Ensan and join our family through Ensan Caregiver application and uploading your information and credentials for verification by our Medical verification committee.

Contract Bookings

Contracts have multiple sessions with discounted rates

Additional Charges

Bookings may have some additional charges if additional services were required to be performed during the session

Flexible Schedule

Caregivers can set their schedules based on their free times

Amazing User Experience

Simple, Reliable, and Affordable

Very good app to get you an additional income on your free time

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Dr. Ahmed Khalil

No more waiting at clinics. you get served at your home

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